Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to check my blog!

Just to let you now how to check my blog so you don't miss seeing any of the spectacular "items" that I put on my blog here's how to check my blog. First things first, you start at the very very tippity top and then you go to the bottom of the very very tippity top. Second, you go to the top of the middle section, after your'e finished with that you go to the middle of the middle section. Once your done with all that stuff you go to the bottom of the middle section. Last but not least (a.k.a. third) you may check the top of the botom area, middle of the bottom area, and last but not least of thelast but not least (a.k.a. third) area you check the very bottom of the bottom area. Once you are done with all these steps you repeat them while leaving comments, playing games, and looking at my hilarious (sorry if that isn't spelled right) photos.

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