Friday, October 24, 2008

Today 10-24-08

Cody came home today. Incase you don't know Cody went on a boat to Anacapa Island & spent the night on the boat for (church) boyscouts.
He got home while I was in dance & my mom was doing some grocery shoping with Sara. But anyway when we got home I was the first one to reach the door so Cody opens the door & sprints right pass me. Then I said, Cody don't I even get a hi. Are you serious?!
Today we went to the pumpkin pathch with my mom, Aunt Amy, Grandma Lori (Amy's mother inlaw), Valerie (Amy's sister inlaw), Mulana (Valerie's daughter or Amy's neise),me,Brooke,Curtis,Jake,Ethan,Kelsey, Sara, Micah Storm.
I got to get a little pumpkn. I got one with a long straight stem. So I am going to turn it so your looking at the stem & then I am going to make pinochio with the stem as his nose.
Cute, right!
Sorry for any mistakes!!!


Thomas you are such a dork. Plus, I know Mera will win that argument!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Dream Family

Just to let you know my last little baby boy on my family sticker name is Whyit and yes I have always wanted a family with a lot of kids.